About Me

As a technical writer based in the Southeastern United States. I have been writing, editing, and managing technical content in the financial services industry since 1994. I have a diverse writing background with experience in creating many types of content and developing and maintaining corporate intranet sites. I am experienced in working closely with both domestic and international content owners and subject experts in cross-functional project teams.

I am passionate about the work that I do. I believe in delighting my customers and exceeding expectations. The great thing about being a technical writer is that I produce content that positively impacts many people. The content I create and manage is empowering others in accomplishing their daily tasks.

I consistently approach every new writing project by deploying critical thinking skills to analyze each request, determine the purpose of the content, and evaluate the audience and stakeholders. This process allows me to develop a strategic plan to work from as I begin the drafting process.

I am an enthusiastic analyzer and researcher, consistently applying these skills alongside my writing capabilities to deliver the correct content at the right time. I raise thought-provoking and sometimes tough questions. I like nothing better than to dive into a project to learn new things and find answers to problems.

Please refer to my resume to learn more about my work experience, or view a sampling of documents I have written as examples for this portfolio.

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Leslie Smoot - About Me